An inefficient cooling tower will lead to increased energy consumption and operating costs. Working together, we
can develop a scenario to correct any critical deficiencies with minimal interruptions, unnecessary expense and
plan the balance of needed repairs or upgrades when practical or when budgets allow.

Normally, our Inspections are offered free of charge as a courtesy to our customers to assist them in identifying
potential cooling tower problems before they lead to unsafe conditions, breakdowns or poor operating efficiencies.

Our comprehensive inspection will analyze your facility's particular requirements to identify critically needed repairs.
Our free inspections provide options to fit your situation and budget.  A detailed report will be prepared for you, outlining items
that could pose a safety hazard and are in need of immediate repair, as well as conditions that are critical to the long-term,
efficient operating of your cooling tower.

Let us help you when it comes to annual budgeting for your cooling towers.
Overall Condition
Biological Cleanliness
Tower Casing / Sheathing
Fan / Top Deck
Stairways & Ladders
Walkways & Handrails
Distribution Basins & Decks
Circulation Pumps & Valves
Spray Nozzles
Fill or Packing Materials
Distribution System
Lateral Lines
Drift Eliminators
Belts, Fans, Drive Shafts, Fan Stack
Gear Boxes & Couplings
Electric Motors
Mechanical Supports
Structural Members & Integrity
Lumber and Fasteners
Float Valves and Vibration Switches
Overall Thermal Effectiveness
Cooling Tower Items Requiring Routine Inspection
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