Advance Cooling Towers  is headquartered in Texas and is a full-service cooling tower manufacturing and retrofit
construction company specializing in field erected, timber or fiberglass frame, stainless steel or galvanized,
counter-flow and cross-flow water cooling towers.  In addition to our custom engineered cooling towers and
pre-coolers, we also service all leading brand cooling equipment and provide comprehensive inspections,
upgrades, refurbishment, emergency repair and contract maintenance services to leading power generation,
process and industrial plant
s as well as HVAC applications.
A.C.T. Cooling Towers, Inc. dba Advance Cooling Towers is registered and incorporated in the state of
Texas with full business licensing and transactional authority in these states:

New Mexico, January 27, 1987 License No. 29503
Louisiana, December 1, 1989 License No. 41233
Arizona, March 1, 2001 License No. 162785
California, August 22, 2011 License No. 964785  
Alabama, February 8, 2012 License No. 47524
Arkansas, July 26, 2013 License No. 0274050514
Throughout the years, A.C.T. crews have performed repairs or supplied parts for virtually every make
and model of cooling tower.
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