Storm damage, poor maintenance, or a failed, worn or inferior part...they all can spell trouble — often big
trouble.  That’s where we come in. At
Advance Cooling Towers, we recognize that down time represents losses
well beyond just the cost of replacement equipment and repair labor.  We offer fast free inspection and timely,
concise, and competitive price quotations including bringing to your attention any other cooling tower problems
that could cause future interruptions.

Our well trained professional crews, our broad understanding of cooling tower systems, and our access to all
major parts suppliers assures that all needed repairs and improvements are done correctly and the integrity of
your system is reliably restored.
Counterflow and Crossflow, Concrete, Fiberglass, Metal and Wood Cooling Towers
Basin Cleaning / Power Washing
Fan or Mechanical Alignment
Spray Treating
Cold and Hot Water Basins (frp / metal / wood)
Fan Shrouds / Fan Shroud Hardware
Fan Assemblies/Fan Blades / Fan Hardware
Decking (frp / metal / wood)
Plenum Area Structure & Hardware
Fill  / Drift Eliminator
Distribution Systems /  Spray Nozzles / Headers / Risers
Valves / Pipe Saddles / Splash Box / Diverter Box
Stairways / Ladders / Cages      (frp / metal / wood)
Gear Box / Drive Line / Hardware / Shim Pacs / Couplings
Electric Motors / Vibration Switches / Controllers
Basin Coating
Walkways / Stairs
Wind and Partition Walls