You don’t have to decrease your processing flow rates during hot summer months ……

Aerial cooled heat exchangers often need to be operated outside their optimal temperature design efficiency range due
to ambient air temperature changes.  When temperatures rise above the system’s maximum design point, the efficiency
significantly decreases — often this decreased efficiency is in inverse proportion to degree temperature rise. To
compensate, many operators decrease processing flow rates resulting in sacrificed production output, or they simply
accept the cost burden of inefficiency.

Advance Cooling Towers has  established  the design and application of
Evaporative “Pre-Cooler” Technology products that have delivered extremely efficient, cost effective benefits
to operators of aerial fin-fan coolers and air cooled industrial heat exchangers.
Pre-Cooler Technology can be used to produce
high density intake airflow to enhance gas turbine power output.
Why Pre-Cool your Aerial Cooled (fin-fan) Exchanger?
Advance Cooling Towers evaporative media Pre-Cooling Technology can significantly improve the thermal
capacity of the in-flow air stream by substantially lowering the ambient temperature — as much as 20 Degrees °
F during summertime heat periods — allowing air systems to operate at intended design
potential and efficiency.  Most plant operators are surprised to learn how much this thermal improvement
technology can increase efficiencies, and how economical it is to install.
Very likely your induced or forced fin-fan or air-cooled heat exchanger, condenser or chiller is already sized
with sufficient air flow and fan capacity to support pressure drop across a properly sized, retro-fitted
Evaporative Pre-Cooler - which means your additional operating energy costs may only increase nominally to
support the necessary water circulation pumps when needed.
So, the bottom line is that the average net gain in production efficiency created by pre-cooling the intake air can
generate a very fast payback.
Obviously, factors such as mechanical considerations, length of seasonal climatic conditions, typical dry bulb
temperatures and other factors must be considered during product design, evaluation and cost analysis -
however, the important issue is that in a great many cases, the production efficiency of a typical air cooled
system, or even a gas turbine can be significantly advanced by this economical approach.
To discuss your specific needs and help you improve your existing plant operational efficiency and profitability,
we can an evaluate your situation and design, fabricate, and install an Evaporative
Pre-Cooler unit to boost your production and improve your operating cost.