Often the basic structure of an existing cooling tower is in sound condition, but the internal components have become deteriorated or may no longer meet
the thermal cooling requirements.
With our accomplished labor force, ACT is poised to
provide immediate, dependable service to assist in all
of your cooling tower needs.  We have extensive
experience tackling the most demanding projects.
We recognize that the typical cooling tower is invaluable to sustaining your operations.  Even a small problem can leave an unprepared
facility in a bind, and even the most conscientious operator must occasionally deal with an unexpected failure or equipment outage.  
Call us with confidence to help you deal with that outage in a timely and concise manner.
Count On Us To…

Explore All Repair Options With Our Innovative Expertise

Discuss Wood Timber, FRP and Other Pre-Engineered Options

Determine The Best Panel Types And Air Flow Design

Maximize Return On Existing Infrastructure & Reusable Components

Meet or Exceed Your Thermal Efficiency Requirements and Flow Demand

Customize Air Flow and Cell Sizes to Fit Existing Basins

Design the Most Ideal Solution For Your Needs
Advance Cooling Towers has the
Solutions,Expertise and Experience to
Make It Happen.
In some cases, specific problem areas can be repaired with only one cell of the cooling tower out of operation, at any given time, allowing the cooling
tower to remain on-line, eliminating process down-time.